Virtual Colonoscopy FAQ

Frequently Asked Question About Virtual Colonoscopy

Colon Cancer Screening and Early Detection

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in this country. The incidence of colon cancer can be dramatically reduced with appropriate screening. Unfortunately, only about 40% of people who should be screened ever get any screening at all.
Colon Polyps Found in Virtual Colonoscopy Report

What Does a Colonoscopy Report Look Like?

The Virtual Colonoscopy Report imagery shows 2D and 3D images.

  • A represents the entire colon.
  • B indicates a colon polyp.
  • C is the cross sectio and location of the polyp.
  • D indicates the actual visualized polyp in contrast to the virtual colon.

What if they find polyps?

If polyps are found on a virtual colonoscopy, then a conventional colonoscopy must be done to remove them. Two important things to realize: one is that the surgeon will have the results of the VC to accurately guide hem to the polyp, and secondly, only 8% of people getting a VC need to have any polyps removed.

What is the cost and does insurance pay for a Virtual Colonoscopy?

The discounted cash price for a VC is $775 which is considerably less than the cost of a conventional colonoscopy. Many insurance companies are now beginning to cover the cost of a VC. Front Range Preventive Imaging or your physician can submit a prior authorization for you to see if you are covered.

Do I need a Physician’s referral?

A referral from a physician is not necessary for this screening procedure, but may be needed for insurance payment or coverage.

What is the radiation exposure with a Virtual Colonoscopy?

The radiation exposure is small, about 5mSv. This is equivalent to the radiation one gets from living at altitude for 12 months. It is considered a small amount.


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