Virtual Colon Scan vs. Traditional Colonoscopy

Virtual Colon Scan vs. Traditional Colonoscopy

Some Key Advantages of a Virtual Colon Scan

  • Accuracy
    Several independent studies have shown that Virtual Colonoscopy is equivalent to conventional colonoscopy in finding clinically significant polyps and colon cancers.
  • Identification
    Virtual Colonoscopy can also visualize abnormalities and cancers in organs outside of the colon.
  • Permanent record
    Virtual Colonoscopy provides the surgeon with a precise “road-map” should any polyps need to be removed.
  • No sedation and no IV is required.
    Patients may remain on anticoagulant therapies.
  • Quick
    The entire appointment only takes 45 minutes. You can drive yourself home or back to work immediately afterward.
  • Easier Prep
    You basically stay on clear liquids of your choice for a day and take mild laxatives.
  • Cost Value
    Total cost of a VC is less than half of a conventional colonoscopy exam and provides more information.

Why Get a Colonoscopy?

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Diagnostic Power
Sees 100% of the interior and exterior colon, including behind the bowel fold where polyps can hide Typically only sees 80% of the interior of the colon; some areas might be hidden behind bowel folds
No measurable risk of perforation or serious complications Possibility of perforation or serious complications
No anesthesia necessary Must receive anesthesia; invasive and carries a risk of significant complications
Can resume normal activity immediately Must recovery from the anesthesia and cannot drive following the procedure.
More gentle laxative bowel preparations and shorter special diet because computer can electronically “cleanse” residue stool from photos Bowel must be vigorously cleansed.
Time Required
20 minutes Half day at a surgical center/clinic
A miniature rubber tube is inserted 1 inch by client or technologist. This device allows air to expand the colon for easy viewing Flexible tube travels 5 feet into large intestine
$775 Usually over $1700

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