Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy (Colon Scan)

Why Virtual Colonoscopy?

Virtual Colonoscopy, (CT colonography), represents an exciting advance in preventive medicine in the screening for colon cancer. It provides a new, proven option, especially for those who have been putting off conventional colonoscopy exams.

“Early Detection Saves Lives!”

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A True Advance in Colon Cancer Detection

Recent studies have shown virtual colonoscopy to find more cancers than conventional or optical colonoscopy. There is no sedation required, and this non-invasive procedure takes only 30 minutes. Many insurance are now covering the cost of this screening.

The choice of a qualified, experienced scanning center is crucial to the success of a virtual colonoscopy screening. Our center is the most experienced facility in Northern Colorado using the most advanced workstations ever developed specifically for noninvasive colon examinations.

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What is a Virtual Colonoscopy?

Preventive Care

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