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Coronary Artery Scan (“heart scan”)

EBT examination of heart with calculation of coronary calcium score. Includes all interpretations and comprehensive report.

BonusReport “Limited Chest During EBCT Heart Scan” : Radiologist examination of chest images. This reports on the area visualized outside the heart. Report sent to patient and physician if requested. (For repeat scans, calcium volume scoring and notation of rate of progression or reversal is also included.)

Lung Scan

High resolution low dose EBT scan of the lungs and chest interpreted by board certified radiologist. Report sent to patient and doctor with follow-up suggestions for abnormalities.

Virtual Colonoscopy

CT Colonography examination of the abdomen/pelvis and colon “fly through imaging” with radiologic examination of complete colon surface for polyps, cancer, etc. Radiologic reports. Referrals to gastroenterologists if requested. Requires light preparation.

* Note: Virtual Colonoscopy is covered by more insurance. Call FRPI for prior authorization.

Virtual Colonoscopy and Body Scan

CT Colonoscopy, heartscan, lung screen, and abdomen/pelvic scan without contrast.

Virtual Colonoscopy and Coronary Artery Scan

CT Colonoscopy, EBT coronary artery scan, with comprehensive reports.

$200 & up

Depending on procedure.

Carotid Screening

One of the best procedures for discovering your risk for stroke.

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