Lung Scan

Early Detection May Save Your Life

If you have ever been a smoker, and most certainly, if you still smoke, treat yourself to a lung scan at FRPI. Current data shows that, when caught early enough, the survival rate for lung cancer is very high. By the time anything shows up on a standard chest x-ray, it is usually too late to be cured. One deep breath with our FDA approved CT scanner could save your life!

CT screening for lung cancer in a recent study increased the long term survival to 82%. This is remarkable as the survival is usually less than 10% when diagnosed with Chest X-rays.

CT screening can find lung cancer as small as 2 mm in size. Lung cancer does not show up on chest X-ray until it is over 10 times the size as can be seen on CT. The sooner we find lung cancer the better the cure rate. Stage 1 lung cancers smaller than 15 mm in size were found to be curable over 90% of the time.

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