Expert Doctor’s Opinions on EBT

“Coronary artery scanning is the best tool to quantify the amount of plaque in the coronary arteries.”
Bruce Brundage, MD
Bend Oregon
Former Chief, Division of Cardiology, Harbor-UCLA

“This is vastly more accurate than any other available way of identifying apparently healthy people who are at risk for the development of coronary artery disease. Our findings suggest that this could become the primary screening tool for coronary disease.”
Alan Guerci, MD
Professor of Cardiology, Columbia
Director of Research, St. Francis Hospital, NY

“Ultrafast CT scanning is the best test we have right now to identify high risk individuals.”
Daniel Rader, MD
Director of Preventive Cardiology and Lipid Referral Center
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

“One of the reasons I ever got involved with coronary scanning is to take my group into the 21st century.”
Robert Roberts, MD
Chief of Cardiology, Baylor College of Medicine

“We are going to see a significant impact of coronary artery scanning in the evaluation of patients, in particular in asymptomatic individuals who need to be aggressively treated.”
John Rumberger, PhD, MD
Professor of Medicine, Ohio State (formerly Mayo Clinic)

“The fact that we can accurately tell patients that they do not have coronary artery disease is a major breakthrough.”
Alan Wasserman, MD
Chairman, Department of Medicine, The George Washington University Medical Center

“Once EBT gains the acceptance that it deserves, it will revolutionize the treatment of coronary artery disease.”

“Knowing that coronary calcium is present by seeing images of their own arteries appears to provide a powerful motivation to patients to stop smoking and change diet and exercise habits.”

Randolph Patterson MD
Professor of Medicine and Radiology, Emory University School of Medicine

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